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Monday, December 6, 2010

We are finally moved!

There was a lot of craziness this time moving but it has all worked out now. Gilbert and I both LOVED living in Heber! It is a great place to live and we met some awesome people. Since Gilbert didn't have a job lined up anywhere we had the choice to move wherever we wanted. We prayed about it for a long time and didn't get any answers. We decided to go check out St. George and see what our options were there since most of Gilbert's family is down there. We went down there for a few days and things did not work out at all. We were so confused after that. Then on a Wednesday night we met with our Bishop for some counsel since we were so confused and had to be out of our apartment by November 30th. He gave Gilbert a blessing and us some awesome counsel but of course didn't tell us where we were to live. On our way home we talked about all of our options and then Gilbert got a big grin on his face and told me he knew where we were to move. I was so excited to have some resolution and of course I was even more happy when he told me we were to move back to Logan. That Friday I went up to Logan found a town house for us to rent, signed the papers, got the keys and went back home to pack up my house. Thank you so much to all of those who helped us with our move up here. It was kind of crazy with Thanksgiving and all, but it all worked out. We like our little town house and we really like our new ward. Andrew loves having an open room (his own room, not a storage room too) he can play in. We now have three bedrooms which is a luxury we have never had before and we love it. We really miss the Old Mill Ward we just came from. I miss being in the young womens. We'll see what callings are in store for us in our new ward and the fun that comes from meeting lots of new people. We are excited about the change. I will post some pictures of our new place when I have us moved in a little more and you can actually see it. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lake Powell in October

Gilbert and I couldn't stand not going to Lake Powell at least once this year so we made a quick trip. (I should say I couldn't stand the thought of not going. Gilbert didn't know anything about it. I packed us all up and totally surprised him with where we were going.) It was cold and in the middle of the night it rained like crazy. When we woke up it was so muddy everywhere so we decided to not stay any longer but it was still worth just being there for a night.
Gilbert was so excited to make dutch oven potatoes for us so we set up camp, made dinner and then hung out until the potatoes were done.

It is always so fun to sleep in a tent.
We started potty training Andrew a few days before our trip so I was so worried about making the drive all the way down there. I wanted to make Andrew wear a diaper in the car but Gilbert said lets just try it. He did so awesome. He never had an accident once. He always told us when he needed to go and he was so good at holding it until we made it to a bathroom. When we got out to our camping spot he had to go poop, but when he pulled his pants down he was really worried about the cold air and no toilet. He would not pull his pants down again to go. Finally we saw a rock and told him to try and poop on the rock. That was the trick. He thought it was such a fun idea to poop on a rock that he had no problem after that going outside. I think he spent an hour that night going to the bathroom. I am so proud of him.
And finally the potatoes were done. They were so worth the wait. They were the best potatoes I have ever had. Even Andrew ate a whole plate full. We had so much fun camping together. The next day we drove to Monticello so see Gilbert's family.
I am so happy to say that Andrew is 100% potty trained now!!! :) He did so awesome! One day he came up to me and said "Mommy, I want to go potty in the toilet." I was so excited and jumped on it. That was it. He has been potty trained ever since. He loves being a big boy and wearing big boy underwears.

Monday, November 1, 2010


I took Andrew into nursery yesterday and he sat right down on a chair started playing with some playdough and said, "bye mom." I was in complete shock. I didn't know what to do, I was so happy. For those of you that don't know Andrew's past with nursery it has been like we are pulling his teeth out to get him to go. He screams bloody murder the entire time. Not just for the first five minutes, he really cries the entire time. He is the one that is crying so hard and loud that he makes the other kids start to cry. The leaders started to just take him to his own room from the beginning so he wouldn't make the other kids sad too. I knew that if we were faithful with making him go he would someday be okay with it, and that day has come. When I went to pick him up the whole room was swarming with bubbles and Andrew was loving it. He wanted nothing to do with me. It took me five minutes to get him to leave nursery. I never thought the day would come. It truly is a miracle.

Friday, October 29, 2010

fishing at Strawberry

Gilbert would swing his pole back and forth over his head to cast his fly rod and Andrew would try to copy him with his little spinner rod. It was so cute to see him fish just like his dad. He is going to be really good before he is even three. :)
We had a lot of fun but it was freezing. You would never know by the way Gilbert is dressed because he is crazy, but I couldn't stay very long before I had to go back to the car to get warm.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


My friend Brittany Powell kept telling me I should watch Lost. Gilbert and I had never seen it so we started with season 1 a couple weeks ago, and we love it. We are already almost done with season 3. It has been such a fun free date with Gilbert almost every night. Once we start watching we just want to keep watching more episodes to find out what happens. We have had a lot of fun together. Gilbert has gotten a lot of flies tied and I just started making cards again while we watch it. I have never really been big into watching TV shows but Brittany was right. This one is really good. Thanks Britt for talking me into it. I would say who my favorite person is on the show but it may ruin it for some of those who just started watching it. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The other day Andrew came running in with a stuffed horse saying "Horsey Horsey." He had found it in his room and was so excited to play with it. I was busy doing the dishes when he ran up again with a ball and said "Catch with horsey." I went into the living room and laughed so hard. He had set his horsey standing up on the recliner and was passing the ball to it. When the ball landed he said "Miss!" It was so cute that he was playing catch with his horse.

A couple days later he started playing with this frog. He named him Ribbit.
I had to laugh again when he got out his guitar and was teaching his new horsey and Ribbit how to play.

I love that boy so much! He makes me laugh everyday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Playin' the guitar with Dad

Andrew is obsessed with the guitar. Whenever Gilbert gets home from work Andrew runs and grabs his guitar and waits for his daddy to get his so they can jam out together. He is so cute how much he has already picked up on from his Daddy.

This is one of their many jam sessions.

The boys in action.....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Go BYU!!

I am so excited it is time for BYU football again. I have always been a BYU fan and I always will be. (even if my husband is a Utes fan.) I have actually never been to a BYU football game before so this was my first. Gilbert took my brother-in-law's cousin (Jethro) out fishing and he gave Gilbert some free tickets to the game. Gilbert first declined them and said it was okay he didn't want them, but when he told me what he did, I told him to call him and tell him he changed his mind. I couldn't believe Gilbert declined free tickets. I have always wanted to go to a game but never really given the opportunity. I was so excited we got to go to a game and this was a really fun one to go to. Gilbert loved it too. We didn't get there until halftime because we were stuck in so much traffic in Provo Canyon, but I am so glad we made it for halftime. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Steve Young, and Lavell Edwards were all there for the halftime show. This picture shows all three of them and many other famous BYU quarterbacks right behind Gilbert and Andrew.
Andrew loved clapping the whole halftime show.
When we got there, BYU was down 13 to 14, but as soon as we started watching they were awesome! They played so good. It was so fun and Andrew did so good too.
The people right in front of us were Washington fans but they were so nice. Andrew loved flirting with them the whole time. I bought some little cards with pictures of Jesus on them and Andrew loved looking through them the whole game. They were the best entertainer ever. And there was a really nice man sitting to our left that kept letting Andrew drive his Lightning McQueen car on his knee. I am sure most people would have hated us for having Andrew there, but we got lucky and sat by such awesome nice people. Andrew loved saying "Go Cougars!" It was so cute when he said it, and I was glad to get him thinking the right color to root for. :) I am happy to get it in his blood early on.
This is Andrew showing us the pictures of Jesus that kept him so well entertained.
Such a fun thing to do. Go to a BYU football game. I LOVED IT!!!

Go Cougars! (I need to get me a BYU shirt now so I can be better prepared for the games.) If anyone has free tickets they can't use we would love to take them. :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Natalie+Brian September 3, 2010

My best friend all growing up, Natalie Butler, got married in the Manti Temple in the very same room Gilbert and I were married in. It was such a beautiful sealing. It brought back so many memories for me of four years ago. They had such an awesome sealer. I love how happy Natalie is. I love it that she can't stop smiling. What a beautiful day they got married on.

Natalie was the prettiest bride I have ever seen. She was absolutely stunning.

She was wearing her grandmother's jewelery. I love sentimental things like that. I am so happy for you Natalie. What a special day it was to never forget. You are such an incredible person. I love you!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So I went un-private a little while ago and I don't think anyone really knew. I am going to stay un-private until I have figured out the best way to let it show when I last updated with still being private. I might create another blog that is private and keep this one un-private. I just thought I would let all of you know so if you want to take me off your private lists it won't be a waist of time.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Popcorn balls and Scriptures....

We made some really yummy popcorn balls. And of course Andrew loved them!

Andrew is in such a copying stage right now. He always wants to do everything we do. I hope we can always be found doing good, because he is definitely watching.
It's funny how you don't notice little things you do until you see your little two year old do them and then you realize he got it from you. :) Thanks Daddy for being such a good example.

Friday, August 20, 2010

All you can do is laugh when......

You go out to the car to go grocery shopping and your little boy jumps out to scare you. (Of course you see his head pop out five times before you get there.) :) or when......

You get to the grocery store and your little boy has a total blow out and he is TWO YEARS OLD. This isn't supposed to happen anymore. That only happens when they're babies. Of course the only time it happens I don't have a diaper with me. So I just laughed about it, grabbed our milk really fast and went home to jump in the tub. (It was only pee thank goodness. We bought some really cheap diapers from Wal Mart and this is what happens. Only Huggies for now on!)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Gilbert and I were talking yesterday about Avatar and what a good movie it was. We both decided that someday we want to own it, but we didn't talk much more about it after that. Well tonight we went to the movie store to rent something for tonight. We saw Miss Congeniality for $5 and wanted to get it, but when we went up to the cashier Gilbert asked if they had Avatar for sale. The owner (who we were talking to) is a nursery leader in our Ward and recognized us. He said he could get one for us and he would sale it to us for $10. TOTAL SCORE! We were so excited. We put Miss Congeniality back and came home with this instead. We were both really happy.
Wow that picture is huge. I don't know how I got it so big. Oh well.....