Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Ruby's blessing was such a special day. We had so much support from family and we felt so loved. Ruby looked beautiful all dressed in white. Her blessing was the day before Labor Day so there were a lot of people gone in our ward. Gilbert, Uncle Luke, Aunt Lori, Uncle Dan, Gabe, and I all bore our testimonies. Ruby was given a beautiful blessing by her Daddy. She was given the name Ruby Jane Rowley. She is named after a dear neighbor of mine, Ruby Morey, who lives in the canyon. Her middle name is after her Grandma Rowley. Gilbert was named after a dear neighbor of his mother's and we thought it was fitting to carry on the tradition. There were tons of family, yummy food, the decorations all turned out, and the weather stayed nice for us.
R- is for Ruby. :)

I waited all morning to get Ruby dressed in her beautiful white dress, so we could keep it clean. Right when everyone was getting in the car I quickly put her dress on and lifter her up on my shoulder to button up the back and KABOOM. She spit up all down the front of me and all down her dress. Gilbert quickly got a wet rag and we wiped us both up and headed to church with wet spots. Miraculously we were both dry by the time we got to church, which is just down the street. Ruby had slept a full eight hours the night before for the first time and I was so full of milk. I think when I fed her she ate too much and that's why she spit up. She has never spit up before so it was so unexpected, and she spit up enough to drown the whole front of both of us. Good thing spit up is white...
A lady that works with Gilbert was so excited to give us this shawl her mother had made for Ruby.

I was so worried I wouldn't have enough food, so my cute visiting teachers both brought desserts for me. One of them made these darling mini cupcakes.

We are so blessed to have Ruby in our lives. She has the most wonderful little spirit. She has brought us so much joy! She lights up every time we talk to her. She loves to have a conversation with anyone who will talk to her. Andrew is so good at making her happy while I am busy. She has been such a good baby. I love her with all my heart. I love her big beautiful brown eyes she got from her daddy. We love you our sweet little Ruby Jane!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ruby's first camping trip.

Gilbert has been wanting to take Andrew camping all summer, but with me being pregnant, and Gilbert working so much, it hasn't worked out. Gilbert finally got a night off and started getting ready to take Andrew camping. I started to feel sorry for myself that I wasn't going camping with my fun boys, so I decided to take Ruby and go with them. I thought if she had a hard night I could just drive home. So we got packed up a little later than we hoped and drove up Logan Canyon.

Andrew loved wearing his two hats. Silly boy.
We let Andrew wear the headlamp and he thought it was so awesome.

We all fit in our little tent so well together.
Ruby did so good all night. This is the morning just after we woke up. Ruby is already a pro little camper. Can you tell Gilbert and Andrew just woke up? hehe They went on an adventure together exploring while I fed Ruby breakfast.

Ruby loves it outside! She is such a going girl. She is always so happy when she's outside.
Ruby and I went on a walk looking for Andrew and Daddy and I realized how red Ruby's hair is out in the sun.
Where's Andrew?

Andrew found this dragonfly and wanted me to take a picture of it. He said he didn't like it. :)
Here are the little campers packing up to go home. It was a short trip but we will have to do it again soon.