Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Gilbert- Peter Parker (aka spiderman) He had the camera around his neck, but it is taking the picture.
Me- A fisherwoman
Andrew- Dragon
Ruby- The cutest little elephant ever (with mismatched socks).
This is Brooke's cute family. Aaron was so tall. Every time he put the mask on Andrew cried. He scared Andrew so bad. He was so big and real looking he even scared me.

I made this wreath for our door.

Andrew thought trick or treating was the best thing ever created. The next day he thought we should do it again.

I made Andrew his head spikes because he didn't like wearing the mask that came with the costume.
We had a fun dinner at the Geary's, went trick or treating for an hour, and then went to Brooke's to make carmel apples and watch a movie. When we got back from trick or treating there was a whole bag of candy on our doorstep from the neighbors with a note for Andrew. Andrew is so loved by everyone in our neighborhood. We have some pretty awesome neighbors. We had such a fun halloween.