Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Years Eve 2011- New Years Day 2012

For our Oldham family Christmas party I made my mom's whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. We have never had a party without them and it didn't seem right to go without. So in honor of my parents being on a mission I decided to continue the tradition. They were a big hit of course and didn't last long. :)
We took a family picture to send to my parents but we really missed Jim and Megan's family.
Uncle Eric gave Gilbert a Jarritos drink they used to get when they worked together doing tile. Ruby was trying her hardest to get some.

The grandkids had a white elephant exchange with old toys they didn't need anymore and the lightsavers from Melinda and Gene's family were the biggest hit.

The adults had a white elephant gift exchange and Doug and Melissa got three goldfish from us. It was a fun surprise.

Melinda was having many cravings and good ideas of what would taste good for our New Years treats. We got a little carried away with the baking, but Lori, Melinda, and I had so much fun in the kitchen. No one could leave the kitchen until everyones desserts were made. ;) I even had to sit on a chair in the kitchen to feed Ruby while Lori and Melinda made the cake. I love my sisters! Everyone who came for new years was supposed to bring pizza for their family and a treat to share. We got a little carried away with our treat to share.... No bake cookies, brownies, frosted sugar cookies, marble cake with chocolate frosting, muddy buddies, and a seven layer bean dip. Others brought a lot fun deserts and salsas and chips to share as well. This is just to show the fun me and my sisters had.
We sure had a lot of good eats.
There wasn't any snow to sled/play on this new years. It was the weirdest new years ever for that reason. But we did have the best fire works we've ever had, thanks to Nate Oldham, and we sure had a lot of fun being together as family. I'm so glad Melinda and Gene got to come be with us. Thanks to Lori and Bing for there awesome hospitality.
Taio was ready for anything....
For the first time ever I got cold during the count down of New Years because I wasn't all bundled up in my snow clothes.

Christmas with the Rowleys 2011

On Christmas Eve we met at John's house for dinner, a nativity by the grandkids, and then went on a hayride around the neighborhood singing Christmas carols. It was really fun and really cold.

Andrew got his first cap gun from Grandma and Papa Rowley. He was so excited!
I has a lot of fun visiting with Grandma Rowley after caroling. Ruby is so bundled up she doesn't know what to do. She has four different blankets wrapped around her she can't move.
Christmas morning at Uncle Luke's house. This is all the kids waiting to be given the green light to come out and see what Santa brought them. They were so cute hanging out and having fun with each other.
This is what Santa left for Andrew and Ruby, and a stocking for Gilbert and me.
Andrew was so excited for his trains.
Andrew already had a story about his trains he wanted to tell me.
Gilbert gave me some earrings in my stocking and surprised me with a gift card to Zeppes (my favorite treat splurge) and a renewed subscription to the Ensign. I had been asking for one for a while.
I took Andrew christmas shopping with me for a gift for Daddy. I took him to Al's and took him to the fishing section to let him pick something out. He didn't like anything he saw. Then he lit up and got so excited when he saw ping pong paddles and balls. He knew right away that's what he wanted to get his Daddy for Christmas.
Sidenote: Every now and then we will go meet Gilbert at work for lunch at 11:00 pm :) on Thursday night because he works alone on Thursday. In the break room at work is a ping pong table and Andrew LOVES to play with his Daddy. He always gets so sad when we have to leave. I thought it was cute Andrew was determined to get that for his Daddy even though we don't have a ping pong table. Gilbert loved it. Someday we will have to get a table, but until then we will be ready with the accessories.
Ruby got this crawling jungle gym. She loves it.

Gilbert went fishing to Navajo Dam with his Dad and brothers. It is becoming a tradition.
The kids loved reading books on my lap over the Christmas break.
We had such a fun time at Uncle Luke and Aunt Heather's house. They were so much fun for Christmas. We are so lucky to have such awesome family and the time to spend with them.
One day Andrew asked for a sandwich when I was in the middle of feeding Ruby, so I told him he could go in and make his own if he wanted. I didn't think he really would, but to my surprise he was so excited to. He went into the kitchen and when I got there this is what I found. He had gotten the bread out, the knife out of the drawer, and the jam out of the fridge. (He was so good he even got out a plastic knife so he would cut himself.) He was doing so well. And from the smile on his face, you can see how proud he is of himself.
Ruby is such a little mover these days. She started out doing an army scoot. She would reach both hands out straight in front of her and pull her body forward. She could get anywhere she wanted.
Andrew and Ruby have such a special bond. Ruby lights up whenever Andrew is around. He can make her laugh better than anyone else. She always wants to be with him and do what he's doing. She usually ends up scooting to wherever Andrew is. :) I love how much they love each other.
She is playing with her brother...

This was back in December. She was learning how to sit up by herself. All her practice paid off, because she was able to sit up all by herself for a long time in complete control on February 10th 2012.