Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We just found out..........

we are having a little GIRL! We are all so excited to get a little girl. Gilbert was so stoked that he has been right the whole time on knowing it is a girl. I guess my little girl and I already have something in common....... WE LOVE CHOCOLATE. With Andrew I couldn't touch chocolate or I got so sick, and with this pregnancy I want to eat nothing but chocolate all the time. BRING ON THE PINK, FLOWERS, AND THE CHOCOLATE!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Andrew hasn't ever been very good at finishing his food all the way gone, so we have always made a big deal out of it on the rare occasion that he does.

Last night I wanted to take a shower while Gilbert was at work so I gave Andrew a cup of ice cream to entertain him while I took a quick shower. When he was finished he came into the bathroom and said "It's all gone Mommy, now I get a treat!" in the most excited and proud voice ever. I then explained to him that the ice cream was the treat, and he said "No, brownie is my treat." :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Big #3 "I'm a big boy!"

Andrew had another birthday. We worked with him for a while on how old he is for when people ask him, and he had to count from one then two then three so he could put up the right fingers. Now he will just tell you "tree." (We celebrated his birthday early because we knew we were driving down to St. George on his birthday.)
This was by far his most fun birthday for him, because he is now old enough to get what's going on. He LOVES birthdays now and thinks we should celebrate someones birthday everyday. For breakfast he asked for waffles with whip cream. Nothing makes him more happy than blowing out candles. Later that night I asked what his favorite thing was for his birthday, and he said "Sing happy birthday and blow out candles."
He got this race car track for his birthday. He loves it, but not to drive the remote control cars on, he loves it to put all his other cars on it in lines around the track. He will line his cars on it for hours.
Before my parents went on their mission they always did their exercising on mini trampolines and Andrew loved to join them. They would turn on some music to jump to the beat. So when Andrew woke up and came downstairs we had the tramp set up and the same songs playing for him. He got the biggest smile on his face and thought it was the coolest thing on earth. You can't see it, but I decorated the front room with streamers and balloons to make it look like a party.
He asked me for a fish cake, and I was going to make him a really awesome cake in the shape of a fish but then got sick the morning of his birthday. I made the cake and then didn't have anymore energy to do anything so I just used food coloring to color a fish on top. He didn't even notice, and thought he had the coolest cake ever. Throughout the day we would tell him "Happy Birthday Andrew," and he would always say back, "Happy birthday Mommy." It made me smile. He has such a sweet little heart.
Andrew's birthday was on a Sunday, which was perfect because he got to go to nursery. He loves nursery more than anything now. After church we got packed up and drove to St. George. We got there around 11:00 pm. Grandma was already for bed but was still happy to play cars with him for his birthday. They played for about an hour and Andrew loved every minute of it. Grandma Rowley has every Cars car there is and it's one of Andrew's favorite things to play with.
On Monday for FHE we had another birthday party for Andrew with all of Gilbert's family. Uncle John wanted to make him a fish cake. So we went to his house for dinner and cake.
John's cake turned out so awesome! Andrew loved it, and they gave him the Diego toy for his present. :)
Andrew is such a helpful little boy. He is happy all the time (as long as he gets enough sleep). He loves to play games, make "treads" with Daddy (tie flies), "tamp" animals (stamp and cut out animals) with Mommy, and eat "nacks" on the couch while we "nuggle" and watch a movie. He is the greatest joy in my life. I love him so much! These last three years have been the best of my life!