Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Life is so wonderful!

So much has happened that I don't want to ever forget so I am starting over and going to try and do better to journal the happenings in our lives. I love my life with Gilbert and my 3 kiddos. I want to remember the ooey gooey details of what motherhood is about so when I'm old I can read my blog and smile, laugh, and cry about how good God is to me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lake Powell 2013



Sage has been my little mover girl. When she was three months old she started to push with her legs and scoot backwards until she would ram her head into something and it would wake her up and make her cry. Instead of stopping when she hit something she would push harder with her legs and hurt her head and make herself more mad. It caused a problem for me that I've never faced before. I didn't know where to let her sleep. At 2 months old she started to sleep through the night most nights until she started this habit and then I couldn't get her to sleep at all. At the end of May she started to roll over every time I put her down. She would roll over and get so mad. : ) Last night she was crying on the floor while I made dinner and then she rolled over on her tummy and got so happy. She's getting a lot stronger on her stomach now so it doesn't make her so mad anymore.
She loves to sit in the bumbo on the kitchen table while we eat dinner and smile and laugh with us. She gets so happy that she starts to shake and can't contain her joy. : ) She makes me so happy!! Now she's starting to go through a phase where she will not sleep if she's by me. All she wants to do is eat if she can smell it. So Gilbert has bounced her to sleep a lot for me and that's been such a huge help for both Sage and I!

Friday, May 9, 2014


For the first time since all siblings have been married we had a GIRLS NIGHT!! Every girl in our family made it except Megan. We really missed her! We all met at my house in Logan Friday jumped in the car and went to Time Out For Women together. The first night of TOFW was fun, but talking and laughing all night was the best part.  We stayed up all night talking until we fell asleep wherever we were. My house was packed but we all just squished together and made it work with mattress pads, couches, and cots.
Thank you Lori for making the awesome survival kits. I'm sad I didn't get a picture of one but they were super fun!

The morning came way too quickly. :) When Aaron Geary knocked on the door to help Celeste into her wheelchair this was all of us still sound asleep. I was sleeping where the pink blanket is. Melissa Jane is sleeping on the couch, Mindi and I were in the middle of the floor, Melinda Ho Ching is on the recliner at the bottom of the picture, and Lori Fano is the blue blanket on the bottom right.
Zoetta and Celeste were in my bed, Melinda, and Mom were on cots, Melissa Kay was on the floor like Mindi and I in a bedroom and Saedi was on the bottom bunk bed. :)

The second day was so uplifting and motivating. I loved the story shared of the Woman who adopted a little baby and then the biological parents changed their mind and took the baby back. Her message was that Heavenly Father knows us and knows what trials we are facing. If we trust in Him he will help our trials become strengths in our lives.
We went out for lunch to Olive Garden. It was so fun but we were in such a hurry. Next girls trip we are going to plan nothing so we can sit and laugh our heads off together for hours!

One of my favorite things from TOFW was the story shared of the girl who backed her car out of the driveway into their other car. Her dad's reaction was to love her. The impact of her dad's reaction taught her so much more. I hope to be a mom like that. I want to be able to see the teaching moments with my kids for what they truly are.
I am so lucky to be a part of these girls!! I love my mom and sisters so much! I love how they all have so much to give with their different experiences. I have learned and gained so much from all of them. Thank you for sharing this special time with me. I hope we do it lots more because I have lots more to learn from all of you!

Home Grown Tomatoes, Into the Wild, and Our Neighborhood

 This was our first time growing our own tomatoes. When I first planted them I almost burnt them to death with some plant food. They looked so dead I thought there was no way they would live. But here they are.....
 They did so good and tasted so good! The parts that are brown I think is because the roots ran out of room.
Gilbert took Andrew on a Daddy Son adventure. They said that as soon as they crossed this wire they entered "the wild." They saw some fun things and Andrew was so excited to tell me all about it when he got home.


 Our neighborhood...
 Melody, Harmony, and Taylor Phelps. Canyon Fairbanks, and Andrew. Andrew has a lot of fun playing all over around our house at the park, the field and around the neighbors.