Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Our fish Brutus....

Andrew is obsessed with an Elmo's World movie I borrowed from my mom. There is a section about fish in it and he loves watching it so much. So for Family Home Evening Gilbert wanted to go get Andrew a fish. This is the Beta we picked out and we decided to name him Brutus. It is so cute when Andrew tries to say his name. At first he called him boo boo and now he can say his name really well. One of Andrew's favorite things about Brutus is to watch him eat his food. He is a very active fish that likes to attack his food and dig into his rocks pushing them all around. He is a very people friendly fish. Whatever side of the room I am on he is on that side of the bowl just watching me. He is a fun fish to watch.
As you can see from this bottom picture he loves to talk to us.