Thursday, August 4, 2011

fun in July!

Andrew loves to take care of his little sister. He is so good at talking to her when I am busy.

Ruby is getting so big too fast.

Gilbert and Andrew running through the sprinklers.
Ruby is already a sunbathing beauty.

Andrew wanted to have a sprinkler party with popsicles.

Our family watching the fireworks.

Andrew playing with glow sticks at the firework show.
We were on our way to watch the fireworks for the 24th when we saw the beautiful temple. Andrew always loves to drive past the temple as often as we can.

She loves to take baths.
She is such a good sleeper. Last Tuesday was her 4 week mark and that night she slept from 12:30 -7:00. It was amazing! I haven't slept that good in a LONG time. Thank you Ruby for the sleep.
Andrew loves to squeeze in with Ruby and I whenever he can.

Melinda and Tasi came to visit. We had so much fun with them. We had so much fun we forgot to take more pictures. ;) We were so sad when they had to leave.

Her first bath.
Ruby loves to open her eyes wide and have a conversation. She is the best little listener.
Andrew loves to snuggle however he can with Ruby and I.

Uncle Jake came to visit right when we got home from the hospital.
I love her big brown eyes.

We loved the Logan hospital. They did an exceptional job! I want to have every one of my babies there. Thanks to all the awesome nurses they have there.
Leaving the hospital. There is nothing more fun than taking a wonderful precious thing like this home for the first time.
Gilbert watched Ruby for me while I took a shower in the hospital. They both made themselves comfortable on the bed. :)