Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Break!!! Arizona here we come....

Andrew was so excited to go to Arizona and see his cousins. Bennion was so fun and Andrew loved playing with him and Gene Boy.
Christine had to share lots of her stuff with us while we were down there including her high chair.
The weather was so beautiful so we tried to go play outside at the park as much as we could.

Gene Boy had a school project due so we helped him make a Javelina. It turned out really good and we even got to go see him at his school show off his Javelina. He did such a good job.
We had fun watching movies....

We spent some of the days with Gene and Melinda and some of the days with Gilbert's brother Brad and his wife Angie. We got to go meet their little 3 week old girl Holly. 
We got a little ping pong in and I beat Gilbert one of the games. Ha ha ha!

It was so fun to get to meet our new little niece Holly. She is such a beautiful girl!
Gilbert couldn't resist giving some ice cream to Andrew, and he LOVED it!

Christine's first haircut. I couldn't believe how long her hair is when it is pulled straight.

Holly Marie Rowley
Gilbert had a lot of fun playing guitar with his brother Brad. Just like the good ol' days.
They even made a net to catch bugs for one of Gilbert's classes. They were quite inventive while we were down there. The net turned out really good and it works really well.
We just got a new camera that can take underwater pictures. Gilbert was so excited and couldn't wait to try it out. This is Brad and Angie's pool and it was about 60 degrees. Gilbert is so crazy!
Fishing at the golf course....

Some more of Arizona....

We went to a golf course and did a little fishing. We didn't catch anything but we had fun sitting out in the sun and enjoying the Arizona weather. :)
The water wasn't near as cold as I thought is would be. Andrew liked putting his feet in.

What a cute family. Melinda isn't ever going to blog so I thought I will have to do it for her every chance I get. We went with Gene's really good friend to this golf course that his friend lives by. He was a really cool guy and the kids had a lot of fun with him.  
Gene made this hat the morning before we went fishing and surprised Melinda with it when we went to meet him at work. Melinda didn't even recognize him, and when she realized it was him she laughed so hard. It was a pretty cool hat with all kinds of hooks and bait attached to it. 
Melinda and I were busy scrapbooking when Melinda started to get worried. Christine was being so quiet, so she went to go find out what she was doing and she found her in her make up bag. Christine was trying to put mascara on just like she had seen her mom do. I was so cute, and really good that she didn't get any in her eye. It was just all over around her eyes. I couldn't resist taking pictures and then Melinda was worried we were going to teach her is was a good thing by taking pictures and then punish her after. I hope I am a good mom someday.
Isn't she soooo cute?
We went and played at the park by their house a lot just soaking up the sun. 
We walked to Bahama Bucks and got some shaved ice. It was soooo yummy! 
I think it is now officially a tradition to go to Texas Roadhouse every time we go see Melinda and Gene. It is my favorite place to eat and what a good excuse when we go see Meli. 

And of course we had to get some game time in.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Andrew just turned ONE today! I can't believe he's not my little baby anymore.  I love him so much and will always remember that March 27th at 2:48 pm was the happiest moment of my life. (so far) ;) His favorite thing to play with are balls. "Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head...."

Monday, March 16, 2009

Andrew hanging out with his Dad.

My parents came into town to visit. I did my mom's hair and then they took us out to eat at Hamilton's. YUMMMM!! It was so much fun. I love spending time with my parents. They are so much fun and Andrew can't get enough of them. (They spoil him rotten, us too.) :) I love you Mom and Dad!