Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This lady is coming to town!

Brooke is coming to visit. I am so excited! I have really missed her.

Exactly one year ago today....

Gene and Melinda were visiting my parents from Arizona. Lori and I were there as well to visit and were having a really good time with Papa, just like we always do. If Papa is around you are always having fun. He had some of those big bubble wands and he was really good at it. The kids had a lot of fun chasing down all the bubbles.

I love my parents backyard. It is so beautiful and you feel like you are in your own little world back there.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gilbert finally graduated!

Yay, I can't believe the day actually came when my husband wouldn't be doing homework every minute. It is so wonderful, and I am so proud of him. He graduated top of his class with high respect from all of his instructors. For a graduation gift from my parents they gave us a week stay in Park City. It was a much needed vacation and break from everything. We had so much fun relaxing and spending time as a family. Thanks Mom and Dad.
Gilbert was excited to be so close the Weber and Provo Rivers so that he could get in some practice before he started his summer job as a Fly-fishing Guide. He spent the first two days of the vacation getting to know the rivers a lot better and where the good fishing holes are.
The front door in the time share was easily opened from the inside and didn't have a dead bolt. We had a hard time trying to keep Andrew inside the whole time. We tried blocking it with a chair and it worked for about 30 min until Andrew realized how easy it was to scoot it out of the way.
He now has an obsession with cars and spends most of his time driving, aligning, crashing, and placing cars all over the place.
Brooke and her kids came up to visit while Gilbert was gone fishing for the first two days. She made it a lot more fun for me. We played a couple games of Ticket to Ride and I had the best game I have ever had in my life. It seems like every destination card I picked up I already had and they were all the high pointers. It was so fun!

This is us on a good day.... ;)
Mason and Bracken brought this big green bag full of Cars character cars. Andrew fell in love immediately! This big green bag caused more contention than anything else the whole trip. Andrew is now in love with Mack and begs for him all the time. He is ruined. :) I know what he wants for Christmas now. I will have to send a letter to Santa.
We picked this time share because it was the only one with an indoor pool. We are so glad we did because we spent a lot of time swimming. The kids loved it. Gilbert, Andrew and I went swimming too, but we are smart enough to take pictures of it. Good thing we had Brooke so we got these pictures.

Andrew and Bracken had so much fun playing together.
Gilbert got this picture while he was out fishing.
Gilbert now has an obsession with bugs. (Only bugs that fish eat.) So he is always taking snaps like this one. I think some of them are actually pretty cool. Gilbert has shown me a whole new world. I didn't even know most of these bugs even existed before.
We went to Park City's city park. It was all completely fenced in which is genius. We had so much fun. Andrew's favorite thing is to go down the slides. He could do it a million times and never get sick of it.

We had fun splurging and going out to eat at Panda Express and Cafe Rio.
I am so proud of Gilbert for graduating. (Pictures soon to come.) He is so good at taking good care of Andrew and I. I love you Babe so much and I am so excited to spend the rest of my life with you!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Three amazing women!

I have had the great privilege to spend a lot of time with these three women for the last year and a half. (I guess we have only been lucky enough to have Sherrie since January.) These are my two counselors and secretary. Brooke was my 1st counselor, Brittany my 2nd counselor, and Sherrie my secretary.
Brittany, Sherrie, Me, Brooke
(I must not have gotten the memo we were wearing white skirts. hehehe)
I am going to start out back at the beginning with how it all started. Gilbert and I moved to the Blackhawk Condos in Logan on August 25, 2008. We were trying to buy a condo up there and because of some weird things not falling into place as they should have we were told at the last minute that we didn't approve for our loan. We were really discouraged because there is no reason we should have not approved. (Besides the fact that Heavenly Father was putting us exactly where He needed us.) So we were left with two days (Friday and Saturday) to find a place to live, and move. On Thursday a new For Rent sign went up on Condo #22. We found it on Friday called the lady and she came right over to meet us. We saw it, liked it, filled out an application, got approved, got keys, and moved in on Saturday. Gilbert started school on Monday. We went to church and immediately fell in love with our new Ward. They were so kind. There wasn't one time that we were left alone with no one to talk to. I was so impressed with how friendly everyone was. Well time passed. Gilbert was called to be the first counselor in the Sunday School Presidency, and I was called to be the Humanitarian/ Canning Specialist. The Relief Society Presidency came to visit and then the Bishopric. The Bishop wasn't able to make it that night for some reason so when we received a phone call from Brother Taylor (the executive secretary) to meet with the Bishop on Sunday I thought maybe the Bishop felt bad he couldn't be there and wanted to meet us. (How naive I was.) It was the Sunday right before Thanksgiving. He asked for both Gilbert and I to go. Gilbert thought maybe we were going to be called into the primary as team teachers. (At least that's what he hoped.) When we got there The Bishop first asked Gilbert how his calling was going and if he would be able to support me in a new calling. He then asked me if I would be the Relief Society President. I was shocked. I thought he was kidding so I just sat there in silence waiting for him to say just kidding. Well he never did so then all I could say was that I was going to have to pray and get my own confirmation that this was right. The Bishop didn't know what to say. Then he asked, "Is that a yes then?" I told him yes and that I would always do whatever he asked me to do, but that I needed to pray to my Heavenly Father for His guidance. Then he told Gilbert that he was to be my best counselor. He then told me I had a week to pick my counselors and advised me to call my mom for support. He told me that I could pray about some names and then when I had a small list of names to call him and he would tell me a little bit more about them since I didn't really know anyone in the Ward yet. I told him we were planning on being out of town for the whole month of December as soon as school got out for Gilbert to go visit family. I asked the Bishop if he needed us to stay or come back on weekends and he said to just go on with whatever plans we had and as soon as we got back into town then he would have me sustained in. When we went home I couldn't get it out of my head that this was a joke. I seriously thought the Bishop was going to call me and tell me just kidding and that they already had a new relief society president. Gilbert kept teasing me on the way home that this was my answer for praying for friends, and now I got to pick out who I wanted to be my two new best friends. The biggest problem was that I really didn't know anyone in the Ward yet. I knew of some names and faces, but that was about it. I couldn't stop thinking about who my counselors were going to be so when we got home I found my sister's list from RS and went up to my room to pray about it. I knelt down and prayed over every name on the list for about two hours. I had narrowed the names down to eight names and called the Bishop as he asked. He didn't answer so then I called my mom. She was really excited for me and then told me that she has never been a relief society president. She has been in the presidency but never the president. I was shocked again. We talked for a little bit about what happens in RS because I didn't really know that much. After I got off the phone I went downstairs to talk to Gilbert. I told him I couldn't stop thinking about it until I knew who my counselors were. He told me it might be easier if I took a break and ate dinner. I followed his counsel. Later that night we were upstairs talking in the bathroom while Gilbert was brushing his teeth. I don't know what we were even talking about when all of sudden the names "Brooke Geary, Brittany Powell" were told so clearly to my mind. Just like that. I knew with out a doubt who my counselors were to be and in what order. I was so excited I told Gilbert and then ran to call the Bishop again. He answered this time. I told him I knew who my counselors were. I told him and then he sounded really hesitant. Then he told me that he was worried about Brooke Geary, because her husband was the Ward Mission Leader and he had promised Brooke that he wouldn't give her a big calling until her husband was released. (Who had been in the Bishopric prior to being the Ward Mission Leader.) He was scared of laying too much on her at one time. Then he told me he was worried for Brittany Powell just for selfish reasons. She was the first dependable Activities Chairman he had had in a long time and he didn't want to lose her. I then told him how I got my answer and I was with out a doubt sure they were supposed to be my two counselors and I wanted to keep Melanie Rust (the secretary from the presidency prior) as my secretary. You can't fight the Spirit so he said okay. We were then put in as the new Relief Society Presidency of the Logan River 2nd Ward the second week in January when Gilbert and I got back into town. I hadn't had very much experience in RS so I didn't really even know what they did. I had always had callings in Primary or YW so I never got the opportunity to go to RS. I know without a doubt that I was given the two very best counselors I could have asked for. They were soooo supportive of me. We had our first presidency meeting and they were so quick to volunteer to do everything. I hadn't learned the necessity and beauty of delegating yet so they were so helpful. Then every day for the first month they called me and asked if there was anything else they could do to help me. There is no way I could have done it with out all three of them. Melanie was so helpful too because she was the only one who really knew what she was even doing. She helped to guide us a lot and keep us on track. She really is a wonder woman. As time went on we figured out more and more what it is we were supposed to be doing. Then in January of 2010 Melanie was called into the Young Woman's Presidency, and we called Sherrie Hall as our new Secretary. I bombarded her with things to do and keep track of the minute she was put in and she did AMAZING! She is amazing! She dove right in and got everything done we needed her to do. She is always on top of things. I am always learning from her example. Through all the time that I have been able to spend with these three woman my testimony has grown immensely. I have learned so much from their examples. They couldn't have been more perfect counselors and secretary. I will never forget this wonderful year and a half that has been a foundation for my testimony. We have made so many memories together that will always bring a smile to my face. I consider them some of my truest friends. Thank you a million times Brooke, Brittany, and Sherrie for all the time, devotion, thoughts, talents, prayers, and sacrifices you have made in my behalf. You couldn't have made it any better than you did. I am really going to miss all the time we got to spend together. I wish each of you knew how much you have strengthened me. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I hope we can stay in touch with each other from time to time. I pray and wish for the best for each of you!
I will never forget always counting on you for everything.
Picking up all my slack and filling in every time I left town.
All the funny text messages you got during meetings, and home visits of the latest update of your children's lives. Aka: Bracken just swallowed a whole napkin, or Bracken just tried eating a piece of licorice whole at the age of 12 months. Or Mason just got a hook stuck in his eye, or Mason just fell off the bed and has a huge goose egg on his head, or Bracken just bit Mason, etc.
Every time you left all your children melting down saying when are you ever going to come back.
You getting the TOFW tickets for us.
Staying up late and Brittany and Sherrie thought we were crazy.
When a teacher didn't show up on Sunday and you taking care of the situation so well.
Always being the last one to our meetings. :)
Going to the General Relief Society Training in Salt Lake both years with you.
And always having so much faith in me. Thanks a million!
I will never forget your little knock on the door. hehehe
The fun Banjo nights.
You always had the cleanest car, without even a speck of dust, and the one time of all the millions I found some cheerios when you had taken out Sadie's car seat. (Maybe you are human.) :)
Your cool sunglasses we were all jealous of.
Introducing me to all the good places to eat, and what to order.
Every time I ran to your house for a "sec." and staying there for a at least a couple hours just talking.
The random bits of knowledge you always seem to have about everything.
Having some of the Pres. meetings at your house. (With yummy treats.)
You always picked up the slack for things I was supposed to be doing and didn't get them done. (Such as the blog, the RS handouts, and price checking the tablecloths.)
And how close to the Spirit you always are. I am going to really miss you!
I will never forget how much you added to the presidency when you came in.
Teaching me the true meaning of a "Goober."
Usually being the first to all the meetings and saying "Oh I thought I was going to be late."
Trying your hardest to keep us on schedule with home visits.
Always making us all laugh.
Having the cutest dresses in the world.
Always being so willing to drive.
Always having perfect hair.
Going the extra mile in everything you do.
Making the cutest blocks for the baby gifts.
Threatening us that you are moving. :)
Always being early to church. (I want to be like you someday.)
Letting me grab a quick bowl of cereal after church before you pick me up to go on home visits.
Being the most faithful visiting teacher I know.
And having such a firm testimony. Thank you for your example!
I am going to miss you beautiful ladies a lot. Heavenly Father knew I needed you and I thank Him for it. :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The best four days!

I don't know how well I am going to do being so far from my best friend. I had to take a trip up to Logan as soon as I could to see Brooke. (As well as train the new Relief Society President, get our truck, and check in on Sister Ward whose mother passed away.)
We had so much fun together. We sure know how to make our time count when we are together. Now that I have moved away I feel like I am missing my right arm. It is amazing how much you can take something for granted like having such an incredible friend two coldesaqs away. I will always be in debt to Brooke for everything she has done for me the last year and a half. THANKS BROOKE!!! You are one in a million! Here is a small recap of some things we did last week.
We ate Snow Cones on the grass after going to Home Depot to get paint. We decided spur of the minute to repaint Brooke's bathroom. Andrew dropped the whole top of his snow cone out onto the grass and kept trying to eat it out of the grass.
We had to go to the dump to drop off my old bed. It was beyond gross at the dump. Talk about a true friend. She helped me unload the bed in this wonderful place. ;) It made it a lot easier to drive around town without the bed in the back of the truck.
This is us painting her bathroom to this beautiful blue. I was so impressed at how fast we picked out the color, and it turned out so awesome. Painting it was not so fast with all the distractions from kids. Rylie stepping in the paint Coal (dog) running through everything and all the kids balling their eyes out for putting up a baby gate to not let them come in. You would have thought we were beating them by not letting them into the kitchen. After about three hours it was all done. Yay!
Andrew and Bracken = best of friends one minute and best of enemies the next. :) This is one of those good moments. They are so cute together. Andrew would live with Brooke if it was up to him. He was connected to her at the hip practically the whole time. He always had to ride with her in her car, and have her carry him around. Let's just say Brooke spoils us both.
We have made soo many pork burritos together and have never taken a picture of it to journal the good times so this time we did. We always tease each other because I measure everything (hence the blue measuring cup,) and Brooke hardly measures anything. Especially the ranch. (This is the yummy green sauce that we always seem to run out of too quick.)
We went to the park about every day. The kids seem to get a long so much better at the park. They were so cute together.
Andrew is just like his mommy and loves the swings. He was almost to fall asleep in my arms.
Brooke, You are AMAZING! I miss living by you like crazy. Thank you for always making my life so much easier and way more fun. It seriously was a dream world. Someday it will be that way again. Thank you for always building me up and believing in me. You make me such a better person. I am lucky to have you as a best friend! We have had so many good memories together and I know there are just millions more to come. :)