Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What boys favorite thing for Christmas is....

The Box....
I never knew boxes could be so dangerous.
This makes for a good laugh now.

Christmas 2009

We spent Christmas with the Rowley's in St. George.
This is what Santa left us.
Andrew got a big wheel from Santa and he was so excited. Now we can't wait for the snow to melt so he can take it for a ride. (It was fun to be in St. George because he got to go outside and ride it around Christmas day with no snow.)
We finally gave Mom a family picture and a picture of Andrew.

I surprised Gilbert with everything he needs to tie flies. He was so excited and very surprised I got all the right stuff. ;) Thanks to Kohler.
Andrew got lots of new books. So I don't get so bored reading the same book to him over and over again.
This is Christmas dinner. The food was really good but Andrew had way too much fun playing with his cousins to eat any food.
We found him under the table laughing so hard with Sammy when he was supposed to be eating his food. Sammy kept making him laugh so hard he lost his breath. It was so cute.
Luke and Heathers dog Rosie gave them puppies for Christmas. Andrew wanted to hold them nonstop. He loves little puppies.
This is the traditional New Years sledding extravaganza. Gilbert had two buddies come up and we went sledding until three in the morning. We only stopped because we ran out of gas in the six wheeler and couldn't find anymore.
New Years day Andrew went out sledding with us and he loves the snow just as much as we do, or more.... :)
Check out the hot pink boots. We couldn't find any that would fit him so Reese let us borrow hers.

Andrew is in love with the swimming pool, but we forgot our swim stuff. It is a little easier to find some shorts to borrow for a guy than it is for me to find a swim suit. Gilbert finally gave in and took Andrew swimming. His favorite part was the slide.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Andrew at 21 months

Andrew is starting to talk a lot more. He has taken his sweet time to talk but now he is starting to say a lot more. His favorite word to say is "yeah!" He says it to just about everything and it is so cute when he says it. I have been trying to get him to say specific things so when he needs something he will be able to tell me but we haven't gotten too far with that yet. I am so amazed at how much he understands all the time. We got him a toilet seat to make the toilet fit his little body and it is his favorite thing. He hasn't ever used it yet to actually go potty but he loves to sit on it all the time. If I could just get my timing right he would be potty trained fast. ;) I wish, right? His favorite things to do during the day when I won't let him go outside are:
-reading books
-playing football
-coloring (mostly playing with the crayons and throwing them on the flour)
-racing his trucks
-dancing to music
-helping me sweep or vacuum
-reading more books
-eating candy
-helping me cook
-playing rock, paper, scissors
-playing hide and seek
-and snuggling while watching a movie (mostly just to prolong the time 'til he has to take a nap)

He hates:
-putting lotion on after taking a bath
-taking naps
-finishing his food
-going to bed

I love him so much! He melts my heart faster than anything in the world. I am so lucky to have my little buddy every day to play with. I love you Andrew!