Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The other day Andrew came running in with a stuffed horse saying "Horsey Horsey." He had found it in his room and was so excited to play with it. I was busy doing the dishes when he ran up again with a ball and said "Catch with horsey." I went into the living room and laughed so hard. He had set his horsey standing up on the recliner and was passing the ball to it. When the ball landed he said "Miss!" It was so cute that he was playing catch with his horse.

A couple days later he started playing with this frog. He named him Ribbit.
I had to laugh again when he got out his guitar and was teaching his new horsey and Ribbit how to play.

I love that boy so much! He makes me laugh everyday.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Playin' the guitar with Dad

Andrew is obsessed with the guitar. Whenever Gilbert gets home from work Andrew runs and grabs his guitar and waits for his daddy to get his so they can jam out together. He is so cute how much he has already picked up on from his Daddy.

This is one of their many jam sessions.

The boys in action.....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Go BYU!!

I am so excited it is time for BYU football again. I have always been a BYU fan and I always will be. (even if my husband is a Utes fan.) I have actually never been to a BYU football game before so this was my first. Gilbert took my brother-in-law's cousin (Jethro) out fishing and he gave Gilbert some free tickets to the game. Gilbert first declined them and said it was okay he didn't want them, but when he told me what he did, I told him to call him and tell him he changed his mind. I couldn't believe Gilbert declined free tickets. I have always wanted to go to a game but never really given the opportunity. I was so excited we got to go to a game and this was a really fun one to go to. Gilbert loved it too. We didn't get there until halftime because we were stuck in so much traffic in Provo Canyon, but I am so glad we made it for halftime. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Steve Young, and Lavell Edwards were all there for the halftime show. This picture shows all three of them and many other famous BYU quarterbacks right behind Gilbert and Andrew.
Andrew loved clapping the whole halftime show.
When we got there, BYU was down 13 to 14, but as soon as we started watching they were awesome! They played so good. It was so fun and Andrew did so good too.
The people right in front of us were Washington fans but they were so nice. Andrew loved flirting with them the whole time. I bought some little cards with pictures of Jesus on them and Andrew loved looking through them the whole game. They were the best entertainer ever. And there was a really nice man sitting to our left that kept letting Andrew drive his Lightning McQueen car on his knee. I am sure most people would have hated us for having Andrew there, but we got lucky and sat by such awesome nice people. Andrew loved saying "Go Cougars!" It was so cute when he said it, and I was glad to get him thinking the right color to root for. :) I am happy to get it in his blood early on.
This is Andrew showing us the pictures of Jesus that kept him so well entertained.
Such a fun thing to do. Go to a BYU football game. I LOVED IT!!!

Go Cougars! (I need to get me a BYU shirt now so I can be better prepared for the games.) If anyone has free tickets they can't use we would love to take them. :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Natalie+Brian September 3, 2010

My best friend all growing up, Natalie Butler, got married in the Manti Temple in the very same room Gilbert and I were married in. It was such a beautiful sealing. It brought back so many memories for me of four years ago. They had such an awesome sealer. I love how happy Natalie is. I love it that she can't stop smiling. What a beautiful day they got married on.

Natalie was the prettiest bride I have ever seen. She was absolutely stunning.

She was wearing her grandmother's jewelery. I love sentimental things like that. I am so happy for you Natalie. What a special day it was to never forget. You are such an incredible person. I love you!