Friday, May 9, 2014

Home Grown Tomatoes, Into the Wild, and Our Neighborhood

 This was our first time growing our own tomatoes. When I first planted them I almost burnt them to death with some plant food. They looked so dead I thought there was no way they would live. But here they are.....
 They did so good and tasted so good! The parts that are brown I think is because the roots ran out of room.
Gilbert took Andrew on a Daddy Son adventure. They said that as soon as they crossed this wire they entered "the wild." They saw some fun things and Andrew was so excited to tell me all about it when he got home.


 Our neighborhood...
 Melody, Harmony, and Taylor Phelps. Canyon Fairbanks, and Andrew. Andrew has a lot of fun playing all over around our house at the park, the field and around the neighbors.

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